Wordering the Hedge + Nagari
글뿌리개 + 나가리

Wordering the Hedge 글뿌리개 (125 x 200 cm video installation video: 00:05:30 2014)
Nagari 나가리 (80 x 160 cm mixed media installation with audio 00:06:35 2014)


이 두 작업은 2014년 아트선재 DMZ 프로젝트 ‘집합의 영토’ 그룹 전시의 일부입니다.
These works were a part of the 2014 group exhibition ‘Territories of Assembly.’ 전시 정보 Exhibition Info ↗

Territories of Assembly exhibition overviewWordering the Hedge + Nagari installation view

▲ 전시 전경 exhibition view


Wordering the Hedge installation viewWordering the Hedge detail view

▲ 글뿌리개 설치 ‘Wordering the Hedge’ installation view


Nagari installation viewNagari table detail view

▲ 나가리 설치 ‘Nagari’ installation view